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December 1935


December 1935

Seagoe Parish Magazine.


We wish all our readers at home and abroad a Happy Caristmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year.

CLERGY :Rev.. Chancellor Archer, B .D ., The Rectory. Seagoe.

Rev. W. F. Hayes, B .A ., The Bungalow, Lower Seagoe, Portadown.


Rector's------Mr. H. MURRAY GIBSON.


Advent 1935

Sunday, December 1st, is Advent Sunday. It

is the first day of the season preceding Christmas

which has for many centuries of the Christian

Era been set apart as a time when Christian

people are specially reminded of the Second

Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are

many passages in the New Testament which tell

us plainly that the Christ will come again. The

message of the Angels on the Mount of the

Ascen­sion contained such a promise. But it is not

only that the New Testament contains such pro­mise,

our own natural instincts would suggest

to us that this Dispensation cannot go on for

ever. The Laws of Nature suggest the certainty

of such an issue. The presence of Death in the

world with its accompaniments of change and

decay would be sufficient to prove the certainty

of a complete consummation of all things such

as is foreshadowed in the Second Advent. Our

Lord Him self linked the thought of the Advent

with the failure of the sun to give its light and

the rending of the structure of the earth . No one

who names the name of Christ can afford to

overlook this “ great Divine event to which the

whole Creation moves.” W hen once the cer­tainty

of the Second Advent comes home to the

conscience of the Christian his next thought will

he that the Advent implies Judgment. He will

come to be our Judge. The supreme question

then will be How do we stand in the sight of

God? May this solemn season lead each one of

l*s to a more searching examination of self so

that when the trumpet sounds and the great

White Throne is set up we may without fear

stand before our Judge and Saviour. On each

Wednesday in Advent special Services will be

held in the Parish Church at 8 p.m .. beginning

on Wednesday, December 4th.

The Advent Collect

Almighty God, give us grace that we may cast

away the works of darkness, and put upon us the

armour of light, now in the time of this mortal

life, in which Thy Son Jesus Christ came to visit

us in great humility; that in the last day, when

he shall come again in his glorious Majesty to

judge both the quick and the dead, we may rise

to the life immortal, through him who liveth

and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, now

and ever. Amen.


Christmas is a very joyous season. It carries

with it the joy of childhood for it commemorates,

the Birth of the child Christ. It is also the sea­son

of Peace, for the message of the Angels was

“ Peace on Earth .” The recent wonderful un­animity

of the League of Nations is a good augury

for the possible realisation of an era of Inter­national

Peace. The beating of swords into plow­-shares

is not such a dream as some people

imagined it to be. This Christmas should re­joice

the hearts of all Christian people when they

see that Christian Peace may yet prevail on the

earth . Those who enter into the spirit of Christ­mas

will feel their Faith strengthened and their

Hopes confirmed as they kneel a t the Holy Table

and partake of that F east of Love Divine insti­tuted

for us by the Child of Bethlehem . Special

Christmas Carols will be sung in the Parish

Church at Evening Prayer on Sunday, Decem­ber 22nd.

Christmas Services

On Wednesday, December 25th, being Christ­mas Day

or the Feast of the Nativity, the fol­lowing Services

will be held in the Parish Church : —

8 a.m —Holy Communion.

11.30 a.m .—Morning Prayer, Sermon and Holy Communion.

New Year’s Day

On Tuesday, December 31st, a Service will be

held in the Parish Church at 8 p.m ., and on

W ednesday, January 1st, 1936, being New Y ear’s

Day and also the Festival of the Circumcision,

th ere will be a celebration of Holy Communion

in the Parish Church at 11.30 a.m ., and E ven­

ing Prayer a t 8 p.m .

C u r Sunday Schools

On Advent Sunday, Dec. 1st, the new Calendar

will be in use in our Sunday Schools. The Spe­

cial Teachers’ Notes are by the late Rev. J .

P aterson Sm yth. Every Teacher should have

th e Book of Notes. They are a great help. Arch­

deacon Paterson Sm yth, who wrote them , was

one of our greatest .Bible students. It was he

who wrote th a t famous book on “ How we got

our B ib le .”

Cake Fair

At Christm as we all th ink about cakes, and

w hat splendid cakes we now see, so different

from the Old Victorian curran t buns or barm-

bracks. Seagoe M other’s Union will have their

Cake F air in the Parochial Hall (D .V .) on

Thursday, Dec. 5th, at 3.30 p.m . The opening

ceremony will be perform ed by Miss Dorothy

Johnston, of Lurgan. She will be accompanied

by her father, John Johnston, E sq., D .L .. M .P.,

who is oui- mem ber for the Northern Parliam ent.

There will be many lovely cakes from which to

choose. In addition there will be a variety stall,

a fruit and fiower stall, and a tea stall. At

intervals during the afternoon musical selections

will be rendered. The charge for admission will

be threepence. The proceeds will be given to

the Parish Church Im provem ent Fund.

Armistice Services

On Sunday, Nov. 10th, the m em bers of the

local B ranch of the B ritish Legion, under Major

D. G. Shillington and Capt. R. W hitsitt, paraded

a t Morning Prayer in the Parish Church. The

parade was headed by the C .L .B . Pipe Band.

The Old Boys, the Cadets and Training Corps of

th e Seagoe Company of the Church Lads Brigade

were also present. There wras a crowded congre­

gation a t the Service, extra seating had to be

provided. The preacher was the Rev. T.

M 'Creight, Rector of M agheradroll, Ballinahinch.

The collection was on behalf of E arl H aig Fund

for Ex-Servicem en. Im m ediately after Morning

P rayer a brief Service of Rem em brance was held

a t the Gates. A wreath was laid at the Me­

morial Pillars on behalf of the C .L .B . by Lieut.

W . Currie. The L ast Post and Reveille were

sounded. On Monday, Nov. 11th, Armistice Day,

a short Service was held in the Church at 10.45,

and the two m inutes’ silence was observed at

the memorial Pillars and Gates.


Sym pathy

This month we l'egret to have to record a long

list of Burials. M any homes in the Parish have

been rendered dark and lonely through the loss

of some dear one. Our deep sym pathy goes out

to those thus bereaved. The death of Mrs.

Robinson, of Tamnifiglasson, removes from our

m idst one who was well known and much es­

teem ed by m any in the Parish. She had been

in failing health for a long tim e but had always

borne her sickness with great patience. Another

loss has occurred last m onth in the death of Mrs.

Oibson, of R athlin, m other of our esteemed

Churchwarden, Mr. M urray Gibson. Mrs. Gib­

son had reached a great age bu t was full of life

and energy alm ost to the end. She was the

widow of Archdeacon Gibson, of Ferns

and Rector of New Ross. The Arch­

deacon and Mrs. Gibson were splendid workeis

and were m ost popular with everyone. Since

Mrs. Gibson came among us she made many

friends, who will miss her greatly. The death of

W illiam M‘Knight, who has for many years been

stationed at the K ernan Crossing of the G.N.R..

is m uch regretted. He passed away after a com­

paratively short illness. We m ourn the loss of

little W inifred W hiteside, which is especially

sad, being the second death within the household

of Mr. Ferguson W hiteside th is year. She was

a bright winning little one “ too fair for earth.

She has joined in the E tern ity her little brothfcv

whose tragically sudden death we recorded quite

recently. Another death, th a t of M r s . ilanni-

gan, of Edenderry, removes from our m idst one

who was well-known and much beloved by all

who knew' her. She had been in infirm health

for a long tim e but bore it always with unfailing

patience. Mrs. Brown, of Ballinacor, has also,

passed away. During her long residence in

Ballinacor she was always much respected.

We also regret to record the death of Janies

M ‘Coo, who was- known to many in Edenderry.

The sorrow which accompanies the death of our

dear ones is softened and m itigated by the

thought th a t in Christ who is the R e s u r r e c t i o n

and the Life, the parting is not for ever.

The Sustentation Fund

We would ask all subscribers to the S u s t e n t a ­

tion Fund, w hether holders of the Weekly E n v e ­

lopes (if in arrears) or annual subscribers to

please see th a t their subscriptions are sent t o the

Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Hugh Stoops, Killicomai''1

Road, Porta’down, without delay as the accoun

for the year close on December 31st.

MAGAZINE.____ _______________________


Parish Register for November


The following wert B aptised in the Parish

Church on November 2nd, 1935: —

Magrattan—Jane Elizabeth, daughter of John

Henry and E lizabeth M agrattan, of Le-


Sponsors—Eliza Jane M agrattan, Elizabeth

M agrattan .

Conlon—Ivan, son of George and Sarah Conlon,

of Edenderry.

Sponsors—E lizabeth Rountree, Sarah Conlon.

Guy —W illiam Robb, son of Samuel Jam es and

Annabella Guy, of Derrvvore.

Sponsors—M illicent Coulter, Annabella Guy.


M‘Coo— Nov. 13tb, Jam es M ‘Coo, of Edenderry,

aged 52 years. In terred a t Drumcree.

Robinson;—Nov. 16th, M argaret Robinson, of

Tamilifiglasson, aged 74 years.

Gibson—Nov. 23rd, Jane Ida Gibson, of “ Rath-

lin ,” Edenderry, aged 81 years. In te r­

red at New Ross, Co. Wexford.

M'Knight—Nov. 23rd, \William M 'K night, of

Ivernan, aged 62 years.

Brown—Nov. 26th, Charlotte Brown, of Ballina-

cor, aged 73 years.

Whiteside— Nov. 28th, W inifred W hiteside, of

Edenderry, aged 4 years and 9


Flannigan—Nov. 28th, M ary Anne Flannigan,

of Edenderry, aged 75 years. In terred

at Drumcree.

Edenderry Harvest Services

The annual Services of thanksgiving for the

blessings of harvest were held in the Parochial

Hall, Edenderry, on Sunday, November 3rd, at

3.30, and on the following Monday at 8 p.m .

The H all had been very tastefully decorated by

the Superintendents and teachers of the School.

There were large congregations at both Services.

The preacher on Sunday was the Rev. E. R.

M'Cullough, M.A., Rector of Aghalee, Lurgan.

The collection a t th a t Service was on behalf of

the Parochial H all Fund. The Rev. G. W . Mil­

lington, M.A., Rector of St. M ark’s, Portadown,

preached on the Monday evening. The offer­

ings were on behalf of Foreign Missions. Special

music appropriate for the occasion was rendered

in a very pleasing m anner by a large choir. The

music included a H arvest Anthem. The solo

portion of this was sweetly sung by Miss M.

Robinson. Miss H . W alker kindly presided at

the organ.

C.L.B. Concert

I t has been found necessary to alter the

provisional date suggested in last m onth’s

Magazine for the annual C .L .B . Concert. The

Concert will be given in the Parochial Hall,

Edenderry, on Thursday, Dec. 12th, a t 8 p.m.

A very interesting variety programme has been

arranged. Tickets for admission are 'now on

sale. The proceeds are on behalf of the C .L .B .


Twenty-five Years Ago

DECEM BER, 1910.

This ancient copy of Seagoe Magazine con­

tains the usual good wishes for Christm as.

Christm as Day th a t year fell on a Sunday. A

Tem perance Mission was being held in E den­

derry, beginning with an open-air gathering at

the Big Lamp on Dec. 3rd, at 8 p.m . Mr.

Charles Collins is appointed Superintendent of

Levaghery Sunday School. Six Baptism s are

recorded, including th a t of Terence F itzroy

Blacker. A Parish Social is arranged for Dec.

13th. The Old Seagoe Notes are on the Cloeh-

Beann of Seagoe.

Old Seagoe Notes.

The Origin of Tamnifiglasson and Tamnifi-

carbet.—The curious proxim ity, side by side, of

these two Townlands bearing somewhat difficult

nam es, sets one thinking as to their possible

origin. The meaning of the nam es is not un­

certain— “ The Field of the Wood of Glasson”

and “ The Field of the Wood of C arbet.”

Glasson and Carbet are supposed to be nam es of

individual people. A theory has been pro­

pounded th a t a great and decisive battle was

fought ju st about here. At one period there was

a serious conflict between the Archbishop of

Armagh and the Clan Maginnis. Maginnis was

over-running the country and had captured L ur­

gan. The See of Dromore was vacant at the

tim e and so the Archbishop was in charge of the

Diocese. I t seemed as if Maginnis would con­

quer ^Seagoe as well as Shankill, and so the Arch­

bishop assembled his troops and a battle was

fought somewhere near these Townlands and

Maginnis was defeated. I t is possible th a t

Glasson was the nam e of Maginnis. W e read

of a certain Glassony Maginnis. Carbet m ay


have been tlie nam e of a leader on the Arch­

bishop’s side. Apparently the battle was

fought on the outskirts of a Wood or Forest and

so each townland had in its nam e “ The Field

of or near the W ood.” I t is not possible to as­

sign a date for the B attle b u t possibly i t occurred

somewhere about the 14th century.

Seagoe Mothers’ Union

A m eeting of the M others’ Union was held

in Seagoe School on Tuesday, Nov. 12th, at 7.30.

After tea, the M others’ Union Hym n was sung.

The prayers were taken by the Eev. F. J.

H alahan, M.A., Rector of Drumcree, who also

gave the address. At the close the President,

M rs. T. H . Twinem, expressed the thanks of the

M embers to the speaker. The next m eeting of

tlie Organisation will be held in Seagoe School

on Monday, December 9th, a t 7.30. An address

will be given by the Rev. J . G. Sandford,

Curate of Ballinderry.

The Parochial Hall

The following subscription has been received

since the last issue of the Magazine towards the

Parochial H all Im provem ent F u n d :—Frank

Girvan, 5/-. This brings the total am ount re­

ceived in subscriptions to ,£11 19s 6d.


M any new houses are being built through the


* * *

There have been floods along the Banu but

no t so widespread as a t other tim es. The


H O LY C O M M U N IO N 1st Sunday after Morning

Prayer ; 3rd Sunday at 8 a .m ., and on the Chief

Festivals.HOLY B A P T IS M - 1 s t Saturday of cach M onth at 3 p m . , and during any Service in the Parish C hurch,

notice be given ; Two Sponsers at least are required

and they must be Confirmed M embers of the C hurch.

Churchings are held at each Baptism . M others are

expected to bring a thankofferiog. (See Book of

Common Prayer. (

M O R N IN O P R A Y E R - Sundays and Chief Festivals,

11-30 a.m .E V E N IN Q P R A Y E R —Sundays, 7 p.m

DISTRICT S E R V IC E SH a c k n a h a y —Last Sanda of Month a t 3-30 p .m.D ru m g o r —Second ' unday of M onth at 4 p .rr

E d e n d e r r y — W edne;days ai 8 p.m .

lowering of the weir a t Toome-bridge has en­

abled the flood waters to escape into the Lower


* * * *

Please look through our Advertisement

Columns, and when you are buying your C hrist­

m as presents get them from those who advertise

w ith us and you will not be disappointed.

* * * *

The Edenderry Orange Hall has recently beei

renovated and looks very bright. The use o

th is H all is kindly given to the Seagoe M en’;

Bible Class, which is held there each Sunday

morning at 10.15.

Hi * s{c

The Seagoe M en’s Bible Class has given a sub

scription of a pound to the funds of the loca

branch of the Queen’s Nursing Association.

* * * *

The preacher on Sunday evening was the Rev

J . W arner, B .A ., Curate of St. M ark’s. Porta


* * * *

Capt. E . M itchell, escorted by Sergeants A

H eyburn and J. Topley, laid a wreath on be

half of the Down and Connor and Dromon

B attalion of the Church L ad’s Brigade at th

B elfast Cenotaph on Armistice Day.


B IB L E C L A S S FOR M EN in Edenderry on Sundays a t 10 a.m .

S U N D A Y SCHOOLS 10 a m. Edenderry Parochial H all and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial H all, Levaghery, H acknahay, Carne,

D rum gor, Bocom bra.

M O T H E R S’ UNION—2nd Tuesday of each m onth

at 7 30 p.m .

CHURCH L A D S ’ B R IG A D E in the Farochial H all

on Tuesdays and Fridays.

O IR L S ’ F R IE N D L Y S O C I E T Y in Seagoe School on

M ondays at 8 p.m.

S E A O O E P .E . SCHOOf , 9-15 a.m . Principal—M t.

R. Scott.

MARRI AO S must be perform ed between 8 a.m . and 3 p m Licenses are issued by Rev. Canon H annon,

Rectory, L u rg i i . D ue notice (48 hours) mus be given to the R ector of intended weddings. F E E S —-By License

Labourers 5/ iradesm en 10/-, M erchants and Farm ers IS/-, Professional, £1. By Banns 5/-. FU N E R A L S will be

attended by the Clergy i f proper notice be given. SIC K CA SES should be notified to the Clergy w ithout delay. F E E S FO R C E R T IF IC A T E S BA PTISM 3/7, C h i l d r e n (Factory) 1 /-and 2/- (non-residents); M A RRA G E á/7.

An ex tra Saaroh Fee is chargeable in cgrtain cases I t will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified oi th e

arrival of new Church families in the Parish.A co-çy of the Magazine will be sent post free to any subscriber for 3/- per anunm . ___________________ Stream Closed


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