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April 1935


April 1935

Seagoe iparísb /Iftagasíne
APRIL, 1935.

CLERGY :Rev. Chancellor Archer, B .D ., The Rectory,

Reï. W. F. Hayes, B.A., The Bungalow, Lower
Seagoe, Portadown.

CHURCHW ARDENS :Rector’s—Mr. John Harrison Twinem.
People’s— Mr. Robert M'Clements.

The E a s te r Co llect.
Almighty God, who through thine only-

begotten Son Jesus Christ hast oyercome death,
and opened unto us the gate of everlasting life;
We humbly beseech thee, that, as by thy special
grace preventing us thou dost put into our minds
good desires, so by thy continual help we may
bring the same to good effect; through Jesus
Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with
thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world
without end. Amen.

S p ec ia l Services.
During H oly W eek, beginning on Monday,

April 15th, Special Services will be held each
evening in th e P arish Church at 8 p .m . The
subjects each evening will have reference to the
events connected w ith th e closing days of our
Lord’s life— The Agony in the G arden of
Gethsemane, The B etrayal, The Trial, The L ast
Supper. “ The S tory of the C ross” will be sung
at each Service.

Good Friday.
On Good F riday the following Services will be

11.30 a.m — M orning P rayer and L itany .
8 p.m .— Evening P rayer and Serm on.

The offerings on Good F riday will be in aid of
the Church of Ire land Jew s Society.

E aste r Day.
On E as te r D ay th e Services in th e Parish

Church will be as follow s:—
8 a.m .— H oly Com m union.

U.30 a .m .— M orning P rayer, Serm on and Holy
Com munion.

7 p .m .—E vening P rayer and Serm on.
The offerings a t all Services on E a s te r D ay will
he on behalf of jthe Sundav Schools of the Parish.

The M essage o f H o ly W eek.
Each re tu rn ing year th e C hurch th rough her

Uturgy brings before us in solem n sequence the

events which led up and cu lm inated in th e
Tragedy of Calvary. No other event in the
w orld 's history has had such trem endous re ­
su lts and such far-reaching effects. The whole
C hristian world during th a t week takes its stand
at the foot of the Cross on Calvary. The
suprem e sacrifice m ade by th e Son of M an with
its efficacy for tim e and for E te rn ity is brought
before our hearts and m inds by hym n and Psalm
and P rayer. I t is fitting th a t those who are
m em bers of the Church, w hich is the Body of
C hrist, should a t such a season avail them selves
of every opportun ity of public worship and p ri­
vate m editation. E ach evening during th a t
solem n week they will have th e opportun ity of
worshipping w ith G od’s people in th e H ouse of
P rayer, and of th ink ing out. each one for h im ­
self, the ir share in these stupendous happenings.

The E a ste r M essage.
W hen the gloom and sorrow of Good F riday

have passed there suddenly bu rsts upon us the
joy of E as te r w ith its e ternal m essage of Life
and H ope. The em pty sepulchre, th e R isen
Lord, the Glorified Body, all rem ind us th a t the
te rro r of D eath is pas t and th a t th e C hrist is
now exalted as th e R isen Saviour. W e will as­
sem ble in th e H ouse of P rayer and kneel around
the H oly Table w ith joyful hearts , because
“ C hrist is risen indeed .” The T aster A nthem
will be a true song of praise for the Trium ph
of th e R esurrection .

The E a ste r I/estry.
The annual E aste r V estry will be held in

Seagoe School on Thursday, April 25th, at 8
p .m . All m em bers of the G eneral V estry are
eligible to a tten d th is m eeting. A t th is m eeting
the C hurchw ardens for the ensuing year are
nom inated and elected. The Select V estr\ is
also elected and the Sidesm en and G lebewardens.

Sunday Schoo l Excursion.A m eeting of Sunday School S uperin tenden ts
and Teachers will be held in Seagoe School on
T hursday, April 11th, a t 8 p .m ., to arrange the
date and place of the Sunday School Excursion
for th is year. An address on “ M ethods of Sun­
day School T eaching” will be given by M r. R .
S cott a t th is m eeting as suggested a t the recen t
Sunday School Conference.

D ru m go r Sun day School.
On the afternoon of E as te r Day, a t 3.30, th e

Rev. F . M 'Cullough, C urate of Shaftkill, will
give an address to th e children in D rum gor
C hurch H all.

C L B- Inspection.
On Tuesday, April 30th, the A nnual Inspec­

tion and D isplay of Seagoe C .L .B . will be held
in tlie Parochial IIall a t 8 p .m . Tickets, 1/-
each, are now on sale. Those who have been
presen t a t th e Inspection and D isplay in p re­
vious years will know how in teresting th e pro­
gram m e is. W e have come to regard th e C .L .B .
en te rta in m en t as th e best in th e Parish .

Easter “ Good T u rn .”
The M em bers and C andidates of Seagoe

G .F .S . kindly ask th e Parish ioners to give them
the ir support in th e ir egg collection during the
week before E aste r, for th e sick and poor of
Seagoe P arish and for the H ospitals.

O ur Sum m er M ig rants.
Those who have quick ears and eyes will be on

th e look-out for the first swallow, cuckoo, and
corncrake, which are due th is m onth. Possibly
some of these fea thered tou rists are already pack­
ing up in a sou thern clime p reparatory to rev isit­
ing our fields and hedgerows. They are h a r­
bingers of sum m er.

Jew s Society.
The following box collections for th e Jew s '

Society have been received per M r. H arry
H y n es :— M iss H alliday, £ 1 ; A F riend , £ 1 ; M iss
G. W atters, 11s 5d; M isses N. and N. K. M ont­
gom ery, 10s; Miss F . H ynes, 5s 6d; Mrs. R.
Hoy, 5s; M iss A. Allen, senr., 3s 9d ; M rs. J .
Shanks, 4s Id ; M rs. W m . Neill, 3s 4^d; M rs.
F lannigan, "2s 10-|d ; M r. A. Allen, 2s 111d ; M iss
M. A tkinson, 2s 9 Jd ; M rs. R. Magee. 2s 6 |d ;
M r. J . W alker, Is 4d ; M iss A. Cox, 2s 4 |d ;
H arry H ynes, 6s. Total— £5 4s Od.

C .M .S . Box Collection.
The following sum s have been received per

Miss A tkinson— M rs. K irk, Is 3 Jd ; M rs.
E p h ra im Collins, 2s 6d; M iss Lizzie Gracey,
6s 3d; M rs. D ickson, 6s 8d ; M rs. Stoops, 2s 6d;
M rs. Dawson, 11s 2d; M rs. F lannigan, 3s 4^d;
M rs. M etcalf, 2s 4 |d ; M ise Atkinson, 2s 6d;
Miss (i. E . A tkinson, 10s.

H acknahay—M rs. Bradshaw , 8s l i d ; M iss
M innie E ngland, 3s 6d ; M iss M innie M 'Corm ick,
4s 3d; Miss Sadie M aginnis, 5s; M iss D inah
M ontgom ery, 2s 5 |d ; M iss Jan e Currie, 3s 8d;
M iss Annie M agee, Is 9 |d ; Miss Sophia Jen n e tt,
7s 5d; M iss M argaret M ‘K ane, 3s 7d; M iss
E lizabe th Neill, 7s 2d; M rs. N. England. 8s;
M r. George M 'N eill, 3s 8d ; N orm an Cregan,
3s; Miss Rebecca C alvert, £1 18s 7d. Total—
£7 8s lOd.

Miss Gillespie, Asst. Sec. C .M .S. w rites as
follows : —

“ D ear Miss A tkinson,— M any thanks for your

M le tte r enclosing cheque £7 8s lOd from Mission­
ary boxes. W e are m ost grateful for this con­
tinued support from Seagoe Parish , and shall be
glad if you will kindly convey our thanks to
those concerned.— Yours sincerely, A nna Gil­
lesp ie .”
South A m erican M iss ionary Society

Support of In d ian B aby by the M others’
Union, £3 ; Support of Indian Girl by Seagoe,
H acknahay and D rum gor A fternoon Sunday
Schools boxes, £3 ; Miss Calvert, 16s 9d; Miss
Agnes Guy, 5s 7d; Mrs. Lewie, 10s; Miss Sarah
M ontgom ery, 9s 2 Jd ; Mrs. IT. Sloan, 5s Id ; Miss
M argaret Reid, 10s; Mrs. Jack W alker, 3s l - |d ;
Card— Miss Atkinson, £5 18s 6d. Total—
€14 18s 3d.

Seagoe M oth ers ’ Union.On Tuesday, April 9th , a m eeting of the
M o thers’ Union will be held in Seagoe School
a t 7.30 p .m .

At the last m eeting of the M others’ Union
held in Seagoe School on Tuesday, M arch 12th,
D r. (M iss) M inford, of Ardm ore, gave a very
in teresting and useful H ealth L ecture. There
was a large attendance. The C om m ittee of St.
M ark ’s M others’ Union were p resen t on the
invitation of the Seagoe branch.

Concert in Edenderry.
A m ost enjoyable concert was given in the

Parochial H all on Thursday, M arch 28th, at
8 p .m . The H all was crowded and the platform
w ith its heavy curtains and electric lights looked
very p re tty . E very item on the programme
was good and encores were called for very fre­
quently . The R ector presided, and those pre­
sen t stood while prayer was offered. The con­
cert was organised to raise funds towards the
cost of Sunday School prizes for the Edenderry
Sunday Schools. The first item was a song and
chorus by the g irls’ choir. They sang very well
and were loudly applauded. Sketches, songs and
m usical item s followed. The sketches were
very am using. The duet “ Will you walk with
m e .” sung by M iss Alice M ‘Dugal and Lieut.
Hynes was received w ith great applause. It
was sung w ith great spirit and brought down the
house. L ieu t. H ynes, w ith his flute, caused
g reat am usem ent and his songs were very good.
A folk dance by two E denderry gills was very
nice and graceful. A m usical item for two vio­
lins and the piano was a great success. Recita­
tions were m uch appreciated. Miss M'Dugal
accom panied each item on the piano and helped
greatly tow ards th e success of th e evening. At
the close th e R ector expressed th e thanks of all
p resen t to those who had organised and taken
p a r t in th e concert, and especially to Lieut.
Joseph H ynes for the success of the c o n c e r t.


C .L .B .;A m eeting of C .L .B . officers of com panies ou t­

side B elfast was held in th e P arochial H all on
Saturday, M arch 30th, a t 4 p .m . There was a
large a ttendance and it was decided to form a
2nd B atta lion of th e C .L .B . for the Dioceses of
Derry, Down and A rm agh. Those presen t were
entertained to tea by M rs. E . M itchell and Miss M. Best.

A M iss ionary Play-
On M arch 14th a very in teresting M issionary

play was given in th e P arochial Hall by a group
of perform ers from Shankill Parish , Lurgan.
The proceeds, w hich am ounted to over £12,
were for our general Parochial Fund. The Rev.
W ■ F. H ayes presided. Two plays were given,
one en titled “ C o n trasts” and the o ther “ The
Lady w ith th e Lam p. The H all was crowded,
and the scenes in costum e were very im pressive.
The scenes displayed th e good work done in
Heathen lands by th e devoted M issionary work­
ers. i t was very kind of our L urgan friends to
come over and help us in such a practical way.
The p lay stirred up m uch M issionary in terest among our people.

P arish R eg ister fo r M a rc h .
B a p tism s .The following were bap tized in the P arish

Church on M arch 2nd, 1935: —
Baxendine—Jo h n F rancis Sherm an, son of

R obert F rancis R iley and M argaret
Anna B axendine, of 31 Craigleith
D rive, E dinburgh.

Sponsors—W illiam R obert Sherm an, R obert
F rancis R iley B axendine, M ary '.John­ston.

Glassey—E lizabeth , daugh ter of W illiam John
and R osina Glassey, of Edenderrv .

Sponsors— M argare t Thom as, R osina Glassey.
Roney— Grace E lizabeth M abel, daugh ter of

Sam uel and C hristina Roney, of Eden- derry.
! Sponsors— M ary Isabella Roney, C hristina

M babe— Joseph H ow ard, son of Thom as and

(the la te ) (Marv M ‘Cabe, of Seagoe

Sponsors— Anne G reenaw ay, D inah M ‘Cabe.
Tt’aynor— R obert A lexander, son of F rancis

Sloan and B eatrice H elena T raynor, of
E dendefry .

Sponsors— Sarah E lizabeth Newell, M argaret
Jan e Treanor.

Buria ls.
Irwin—M arch 30th, M argaret Irwin, of Eden-

_ derry, aged 42 years.
M Minn— April 5th. Sam uel M ‘M inn, of Kt “m an ,

aged 35 years.

The S ilver Jubilee.The Silver Jub ilee of King George the F ifth
will be held on M onday, M ay 6th. Full pa rticu ­
lars regarding th e Services in the Church will
be given in our nex t issue. The Jub ilee Ser­
vices will dem and a full a ttendance of the
Parishioners a t the ir P arish Church.

The SVlusica! f estival.The M usical F estival has been a g rea t suc­
cess. M any of th e com petitors hailed from Sea­
goe Parish ,and several have been successful.
The adjudicators have been very com plim entary
in th e ir references to th e m usical abilities of
the com petitors. The F estivals have done m uch
to encourage good reading and singing in our
m idst. W e hope th a t paren ts in Seagoe P arish
will encourage th e ir children to com pete each year a t the Festival.

25 Years A go APRIL, 1910.
1 he issue for th is m on th contained po rtra its

of the outgoing C hurchw ardens, M r. Jam es
Albin and Mr. Jo h n George G racey. A record
is given of the services during IToiy W eek and
E aste r. Among the E as te r “ W atch ” cards the
nam es of George and M ary W ilson are credited
with th e largest collection, 10 -. Mr. Leonard
Twinem had hospitably en terta ined th e Teachers
and children of Seagoe Sunday School prior to
his sailing for New York on th e s.s. California
on April 2nd. F ive B ap tism s are recorded, also
3 M arriages and five B urials. A Service of Song,

H annington , th e L io n -h earted ,” was given by
the G .F .S . in the Parochial H all on M arch 4th.
The story was sym pathetically read by the Bev.
\ \ . R. Crichton, and th e slides were shown by
M’’- M 'K ittrick . The new C hurchw ardens were
Mr. ( harles Collins and Mr. Thom as Reid. Con­
firm ation Classes were being started . Old Sea­
goe Notes contained a lis t of C hurchw ardens of Seagoe from 1693 to 1699.

Old Seagoe Notes.Seagoe in the Days of Old.
[W e continue th is m onth the notes w ritten

by Dean Dawson which appeared in our issue of las t m onth .]
A t the beginning of the 19th cen tu ry efforts

for th e building of a new church were inaugu­
ra ted and prom oted by th e Rev. George B lacker
(the youngest bro ther of D ean B la c k e r) , who
was vicar of Seagoe from 1796 to 1810. The
first trace of these efforts to be found in the
parish records is under April 30, 1804, when,
a t a vestry held on th a t day, it was agreed th a t
a balance of £40 os 3d, then in th e hands of the
A icar shall b e la id out, along w ith o ther m oneys,
for th e repairs (if. or building a new church,
as m ay hereafter be approved of and appear n e­
cessary to the parish ioners. At a V estry held

011 Septem ber 3rd, 1805, it was agreed. ‘ th a t
the sum of two pontv p e r acre be levied and
collected off the inhab itan ts, to be laid out in
building a new church, or repairing the present
church of Seagoe, as the parish ioners hereafter
shall th ink p ro p er.’ At subsequent vestries, in
the years 1806— 1810, sum s varying from £427
to £137 were sim ilarly applotted on th e parish

for incilental charges, and tow ards building a
new ch u rch .' In th is wav above £1,026 -were
collected ‘ towards the new ch u rch .’

The Rev. George B lacker was not perm itted
to w itness the m a tu rity of his efforts, as lie died,
am id universal regret, in M ay, 1810. a t the early
age of 46 years. The good work, however, was
carried on under D ean B lacker, who succeeded
his bro ther as vicar of Seagoe, and his cousin
the Rev. R ichard O lpherts, who becam e curate
of Seagoe in Jun e , 1810. Their jo in t efforts were
afterw ards com m em orated in a m em orial-stone,
inserted over the E as t window of the new
church on th e outside, inscribed w ith the ir in ­
itials and the date of foundation, 1814.

At a V estry held M arch 31. 1812, a com m ittee
was appointed for ‘ building th e new church of
the parish of Seagoe.’ I t consisted of the fol­
lowing p e rsons:— Rev. R ichard O lpherts, Cap­
ta in W oolsey, and M essrs. R obert F ivy, Woolsey
A tkinson, W m . Overend, D avid Ruddle, Joseph
M alcomson, and Tolerton B utton . W hen it was
decided to erect a new church i t was found im-
possble to build th e larger edifice upon the old
site— hallowed by its religious use for centuries
— because the graves had been perm itted to en ­
croach upon the Southern and W estern sides of
th e church, so th a t the ea rth was raised several
feet above th e floor. A new site, m easuring
above tw o roods and th irteen perches, in the ad­
joining town]and of U pper Seagoe. and about

forty perches d istan t, was gran ted by Lady
Olivia Sparrow, acting as guardian for her son,
R obert Acheson St. John B ernard Sparrow. The
deed of conveyance is dated M arch 2, 1814, and
six days later, a t a vestry held on M arch 8, the

unanim ous consent of the parish ioners was
given to the change of s ite ; which was finally
confirmed by an order of the P rivy Council on
Ju n e 21, 1814. Slightly anticipating th is formal
authorisation, the foundation stone of the new
building was laid on W ednesday, Ju n e 1, 1814.
The la te L t. Col. W m . B lacker has preserved
the record of the docum ent ‘placed under the
first stone of th e church of Seagoe.’ (See
M ason’s Survey of Ire land , Vol. II . p 538.) It
is as follows: —

‘Be it rem em bered, a t a tim e when the
dearest in terests of C hristian ity were a t stake;
when in countries erewhile C hristian th e temple
of the Most H igh was en tered only in profana­
tion, and the nam e of God invoked b u t in blas­
phem y— am idst the w ildest raging of foreign war
and dom estic treason ; am id the anarchy of the
world— even then did the parish ioners of Seagoe-
( ‘ a people zealous of good w orks,’ m uch incited
there to by the ir pious and beloved vicar, George
B lacker, now, alas, no m ore) resolve to erect a
new church, m ore suited to the dignity of their
God, and b e tte r calculated to accom m odate the
increasing m em bers of H is worshippers. In
fu rtherance of which, after m any delays inciden­
ta l to such an undertaking, th e first stone of the
in tended edifice was laid on th e first day of June,
1814, in the 54th year of th e reign of George III.
The R ight Rev. Joh n Leslie, B ishop of Dromore;
the Rev. S tew art B lacker, vicar of th e parish;
the Rev. R ichard O lpherts, cu ra te ; Jo h n Over­
end and W m. Gilpin, C hurchw ardens—I.
Brownlee, A rch itec t.’ ”

HOLY COMMUNI ON 1st S u n d iy after Morning Prayer ; 3rd Sunday at 8 a .m ., and on the Chief Festivals.
HOLY BA PTI SM -1 s t Saturday of cacb Month at 3

p m . , and during any Service in the Parish Church,i
notice be given ; Two Sponsers at least are required
and they must be Confirmed M embers of the Church.
Churchings are held at each Baptism. M others are expected to bring a thankoffering. (See Book o Common P ray er.1

MORN*NG P R A Y E R Sundays and Chief Festivals, 11 30 a.m .
E V E N I N G PIJAYKR—Sundays, 7 p m

D1STRIC. S E R V I C E SH a c k n a h a y —Lust Sanda of Month at 3-30 ; ,m.D r u m g o r — second -unda of Month at 4 p.rrE d e n d e r r y — W ednesdays i 8 p m .

CLASSES, & c .
B IB L E C L A S S F O R M E N in Edenderry on Sundays at 10 a.m .
S U N D A Y SC H O O LS 10 a.m . Edenderry Parochial

H all and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry
Parochial H all, Levaghery, H acknahav, Carne, D rum gor, Bocom bra

M O T H E R S ’ U N IO N —2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 30 p.m.
CHURCH L A D S ’ B R I G A D E in the Parochial Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays.
G I R L S ’ F RI E N D L Y SOCIETY in Seagoe School on

Mondays at 8 p.m .
S E A G O E P. E. SCHOOL, 9-15 a.m . Principal—Mr K. Scott.

M A R R I A G E S m ust be perform ed between 8 a.m and 3 p m Licenses are issued by Rev. Canon Hannon. Rectory, Lurg n . Due notice (48 hours) mus be given to the Rector of intended weddings. F E E S —By License—
Labourers 5/ lradesm en 10/- M erchants and Farm ers 15/-, Professional, £1. By Banns 5/-. FU N E R A L Sw ill be attanded by the Clergy if proper notice be given. SIC K CA SES should be notified to the Clergy w ithout rielav.
F E E S FO R C E R T IF IC A T E S B A fT ISM 3/7, Children Factoryi 1 /-and 2/ (non-residentsi ; M ARRAGfi 3/7 An extra ia a ro h Fee is chargeable in cartain cases It will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the arrival of new Church families in the t arish.

A copy of the Magazine will be sent post free to anv subscriber for 3/- per anunm . Stream Closed


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